• Catnip
  • Leonotis leonurus

Welcome to NzSupp!

Nzsupp is a registered supplement company in New Zealand. All our products have been formulated by a registered health professional. We have full time email support from a registered nurse.

Nzsupp has revolutionised the supplement market. We research plants with amazing healing qualities and effects on the body. Our certified laboratories isolate the amazing alkaloids (naturally produced chemicals) We then use the pure alkaloids to blend exciting products at effective dosages. Nzsupp has cheap prices for revolutionised dietary supplement products. Try Nzsupp products, you will not be disappointed. Like us on facebook! tell your friends!

Nzsupp has strong unique supplements with effects you can really feel. Customers report a feeling of well being, relaxation and more! We have made some amazing dietary supplements right here in New Zealand. This is due to the many health benefits of the plants we use and the effects they can produce. For more information please see our Products page.

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