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ANXIETY BUSTER REVIEW: "Had 1 pill on empty stomach before going out to a dinner party. I get quite bad social anxiety so thought this would be a good test, especially since i don't drink anymore. Within 30 mins i was feeling relaxed and happy, borderline euphoric. Also had a slight increase in energy. In conclusion i felt really relaxed and happy for about an hour with it tapering to a noticeable anxiolytic relaxed head space that lasted for hours. Usually dinner partys drag for me and go very slowly however last night flew by for me. Really surprised thought this would be another bunk supplement. Was unlike me to be so talkative and happy at a dinner party, so this product is definatly a 10/10 for me!"

Appetite killer review: "Over 3 years I have gone from 152kgs to 75kgs, BUT I have struggled the last 6 months to loose that last 5-10kgs. I exercise between 8-10 times a week with a personal trainer, done everything with dietary etc still weight stayed the same. When I saw this, I read about it, ingredients are natural and thought "what have I got to lose" well I am so glad I spent $15 for these! The first week I lost over 2.5kgs thats without eating less! I did 2 more weeks on this, loosing again each time between 900g to 1.5kgs. Taken a week rest now on my 4th lot. This is amazing! I used to buy "Ripped Freak" thinking everyone raves about them- they did nothing! This is the best kept secret of all!! Also I want to add the support via email is quick and awesome. A few times I have messaged asking questions and they very supportive and quick to respond! I LOVE this product and can't wait to try some others they have on their site.

Appetite killer review: "Wow what an awesome product, i lost 2kg in the first week alone and i didn't even change my diet. It is now one month down the track and i have been using it most days. My results have been ridiculously good thank you so much i have lost 4.5 - 5kg. I work 5 days a week, and exercise a couple of days. Until this product i had hit a plateau with my weight, i tried everything!

Appetite killer review: I have been on the product for only 6 days and already iv noticed an increase in my energy level,and i feel the thermogenics working cos i feel hot on the inside,im definitly keen to keep on the product for at least a month and review the situation then...thanks NZSupp .. happy customer.

"Everyone get amongst these herbals from Nzsupp, good value for money with a great range!!!"

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Zonk Out Sleep: I use them on night shift...works good for me

Appetite killer: Fantastic product! My appetite is suppressed so eating smaller meals and more importantly I'm losing weight

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